How do leaders become more effective?

We truly believe if people are led well, they are empowered to perform. People that are led well, will want to shape and make a meaningful contribution. When people are led well, they can develop their full potential, which then benefits the entire company.

In our training programs we support people in leadership positions, who are ready to question the status quo of their leadership style and are open to pursue new paths. We specifically focus on developing the non-authoritative, character aspects of leadership, rather than operational aspects of management. For this reason, we use the term “leader” instead of the expression “manager”.

Those who disregard culture, make the first mistake.

Those who want to effectively develop leaders, must focus on the personality first. This is the only way leaders understand their own behavioral patterns and can therefore change them. But is this enough? Usually not. The leadership culture within a company is also crucial. This culture often reflects the values of its original founder or strong leadership characters at the top. Those who disregard culture will fall far short. Leadership development is always cultural development. We can help you find out where to start and how to go about developing your leadership culture.

„The fish stinks from the head down.“

Whilst this is the case for many day-to-day experiences, it is also true for companies. Over the last few years we have been increasingly focusing on the following question: What is the point of investing time and money in changing a company’s’ leadership culture when top management does not participate and fails to lead by example. Our answer is little to none.

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